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The Nervous Job Seeker: Do It Anyway!

I need to tie up my post from Wednesday (The Job Search Interview Process Is Full of Emotions!) and my post from Thursday (The Job Search Program Better Than Sliced Bread) into my message for today. So I have to reach out to people. Yesterday I emailed 33 JibberJobber users asking them if they wanted […]

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What the Jobs Boom Means for Tech, Working Moms and New Grads

The most recent job numbers are in, and there’s no doubt about it: the market is booming. Despite a slight slowdown, there are still more job openings than unemployed workers, with 7.4 million open jobs signaling strong employer demand.

But what else is happening behind the headlines? Today’s market brings new opportunities for different groups of job seekers, such …

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You Can Work From Anywhere – But That Doesn’t Mean You Should

Technology can bring the freedom to work from anywhere. Kronos shows us that we have to put serious thought into how and where we work best.

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The Job Search Program Better Than Sliced Bread

A bit of history on this “better than sliced bread” phrase. There was once a time in history that was so horrible where people were so deprived, that they had to buy bread and then cut it into slices themselves. I know. Traumatic. According the Wikipedia, A guy named Otto, living in Iowa, invented the […]

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REPORT: Best Cities for Jobseekers 2019

Choosing where to live and work is a complex decision. Personal preferences are certainly important, such as warm or cold weather, coastal living versus inland and proximity to friends and family.

But there are some considerations, shared by many of us, that can make certain areas seem more desirable than others. Based on these criteria, we dug into Indeed’s job-search …

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The Job Search Interview Process Is Full of Emotions!

I recently had a job interview. I know, I know. I’m not supposed to. I run JibberJobber. I’m the CEO. And I have some big short and long-term goals with JibberJobber. What the heck am I doing in a job interview. Frankly, there is one company that I’m interested in. I’ve said for years it’s […]

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Full Pluralsight for only $199? Nuts!

Pluralsight is normally $299 a year. Since I’m a sucker for a deal I thought I’d share this one with you: Until June 19th, you can get the entire Pluralight course library for 33% off. Go here:  http://pluralsight.pxf.io/r193j  (that is my affiliate link, feel free to share it :p) Not only do you get full access to […]

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How to Correctly Diagnose 5 Common Talent Problems

We all want solutions, whether it’s at the doctor’s office, the IT desk or in our hiring systems. But in our zeal to find an answer, we sometimes misdiagnose the problem.

Say you have a nagging cold. One doctor may tell you to drink more fluids and rest. But maybe they dive deeper and ask a few more questions, leading …

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The Rise Of the Individual Employee

Employee engagement means difference things depending on team or individual dynamics. HR needs to focus on these 5 things in designing meaningful work.

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What To Do When Interviewers Doesn’t Know What They Are Hiring For

Last week I was talking to a friend of mine, a senior technical recruiter. We were talking about a scenario like this: You read the job description and think: Yep, that’s me. I master all of those, except one, which I can learn quickly (and is probably not as important as the others) You have […]

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