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JibberJobber Anniversary: JibberJobber, the Awkward Teen

JibberJobber Awkward TeenThirteen.

We made it.

And now things get awkward.

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Braces. A body that is growing and not quite there yet. The voice that breaks, not because of emotion but because of hormonal changes. Weird humor, and coming into ourselves.

That is who we are this year.

Not really… more than ever I feel like we are cleaner, faster, and better. More intuitive, and more feature-rich.

And I have grand plans for the future.

Oh wait, all of that aspiration is the same a 13 year old has. Ignoring the awkward, looking forward to the future with a drivers license, relationships, maybe even a job!!

Well, here we are. Thanks for being a part of the journey. And I hope the song lyrics are right: The best is yet to come!


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