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Have You Lost Hope #JobSearch

Hope in the job searchYears ago, in 2006, I was in my own job search. It was horrible and pathetic at the same time.

I lost hope. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I was hopeless that I’d find the right job… a job I’d enjoy, that would pay what I needed, and that could last.

A year or so ago I wrote facebook post that said:

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I didn’t understand hope until I lost all hope.

I didn’t understand the power of hope, and the debilitating nature of losing hope. A pivotal moment in my understanding of hope was in 2010, in Danville, California, when Dick Bolles, after watching one of my keynotes, said that his and my messages were they same: they were a message of hope. Dick said something like “We show people they have options. And options provides hope.”

I have thought about that since he said it.

Today I’m wondering what options we need.

We have options of how to make money. Imagine you are coming out of a company/job that you hated. Do you really want to work hard to find another job that is just as bad? I know people who have a major career change. Sometimes they make more money and are in a more fulfilling job. Other times they make less money but are much happier. You definitely have options one how you’ll make money. If you are looking for options on ways to make money, you can check out my book 51 Alternatives to a Real Job.

We have options on what we do in the job search. I was hopeless in part because my tactics weren’t producing any results. This was the bulk of my presentation: ideas and tactics that were different than what you were already doing.  I have spoken for hours on this. You can find options on my blog, and in my Pluralsight courses.

If you feel hopeless, let me suggest you start to list your options. If you feel like you have limited options, or your options are not effective or realistic, then talk to someone… perhaps someone at a job club or job ministry, a friend, another job seeker… if you need to, reach out to me. I’d love to look at your options.


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