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Get paid to play video games

Get paid to play video games

acaf7426c4ca9e3553f6bfe3_1920Are you curious about video gaming jobs? Well am here to tell you that becoming a video game tester that get paid to play video games could be harder than you think unless you’ve got certain perspective/knowledge about the industry.

Obviously, if you’re searching for video game tester jobs it definitely can help to enjoy playing video games, and I bet you believe that all those years spent sitting on that P.C/T.V chair gaming away hard and fast has enhanced your eye hand co-ordination to the point that you’ve got the greatest gaming skills and a knowledge of video game play beyond the normal, I mean common person. Probably true… But guess what.. the real job world doesn’t care at least not as much as you think/hope for.

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Sadly your not alone most wanna-be video game testers fool themselves into believing that the love of video gaming and a few ability is all that’s required to achieve success at video game tester jobs and to get paid to play video games all they’ll do is get paid to play video games all day long. In the event you be lucky enough to be employed as a video game tester under this false awareness of lazying around all day long, you’ll be in for a rude awakening, and in a lot of cases, you wont last long in any of the game testers jobs you manage to get.

At this point, It’s vital that we make an essential distinction between being paid to test video games and video game beta testing. Game beta testing is done by volunteers, who usually test the full version of the game just before the release date looking for any last minute problems to report. No payment is usually involved for game beta testing other than getting to play a brand new game prior to the public sees it. Here you can play as much as you like, they will certainly make you comfortable enough to do that.


However there is a different type of video game job. Here you’ll find various companies around that pay individuals to play video games part time. The reason they do that is because instead of hiring all thier staff full time and having them report to a building when games come out infrequently, it cheap and more cost effective to simply get people like you and outsource the work. What I am saying is there are still many opportunities for you to test video games and get paid but don’t think it will be so easy.


Another good think is that It is also a very fulfilling job as even though you are frequently making only minimal wages as an entry-level video games tester. The fate of the gaming development company is on your shoulders since you are the genius J who must find any problems or Bugs within the game so they can be fixed or eliminated before the game can be sold to the buying public. No game improvement business will last long in the industry if they accidentally launch a defective video game to the public. It might cost them millions of dollars in development and research and destroy their reputation in the aggressive video game market for quite long time. This is why they are willing to hire you.

It’s easier for them to pay you to take the video game on a test drive because they aren’t paying for your health advantages, 401K, plus they do not have to provide a building for you to work at.

These are the type of jobs you need to be targeting if you wish to get paid to play video games. You can try contacting these video game companies, for instance:

  • EA Sports
  • com
  • Capcom
  • com
  • Epic Games

Those are only a few out of thousands of businesses which will pay you to test video games. Just ask google for more and I am sure you will find some.

Remember your main role here as a video game testing expert will be to play as much of the levels no matter the difficulty to the end and report any bugs or problems that you run into.

This is not all about the fun of it. The companies mean business and usually they give you an assignment and a worksheet that you’ll have to fill out about each level. You have to prepare reports believe it or not and send back to them, then they pay you for your work. To be truly sure if this is what you want to do, find a friend who already gets paid to play video games and ask all the questions on getting started and what his/her experience has been like so far.

Best of luck, hope you find something good for you.

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