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Learning and development is important to all of us to enable us become the best we can be as employee, employers, recruiters and more. View current posts and tips on learning here.

Bookmark This! Aligning Employee Needs With the Learning Process

Learning in the workplace takes planning. Here are resources to guide you through the creation of learner-centric training programs.

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Save your clients from themselves

"Our job is to give the client what they want." Nope. Our job is to save the client from themselves. We need to learn who they are and what challenges they're facing, and then help them do the analysis that they probably skipped. Learn more.

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Burn your training request form

"I'll create whatever you want, even if it will never work!" That's what the typical training request form promises clients. Set the right expectations by burning that form and replacing it with these ideas. Learn more.

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Learning objectives: Our frenemy

Does that learning objective really want what's best for you? Conventional objectives aren't always our friends. These three questions will help you set boundaries with our frenemy. Learn more.

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“It’s new, so everyone needs training on it.” Nope.

"This thing is new, so of course everyone needs to be trained on it." Your client is heading toward an information dump. Steer them to a better solution with these tips. Learn more.

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How to make mandatory training relevant

How can we make mandatory training actually useful? With some disobedience, questions, and a sneaky workaround to "everyone must be exposed to all the information." Learn more.

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Boost Your Leadership Skills With These Great Tips

When you are a respected leader, it can be hard to find ways to become better. Well, to be a valuable leader, you must know the skills necessary to perform many tasks. Every leadership situation (and every leader!) needs a particular blend of talents; the advice below may help you …

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Towards Maturity Interview with Michael Watkins Toolwire part 2

Winner of the IITT's instructional designer of the year outlines a new approach to online assessment.

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Towards Maturity Interview with Michael Watkins Toolwire part 1

Winner of the IITT’s Instructional Designer of the year highlights the importance of storytelling in learner centric design

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First rule of blogging… (Perfect Resume IMHO, Part 5)

is write in your blog.  Oops.  You guys, I have no excuse.  I think I apologize every time. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it, but I hope you’ll forgive me again. I had a really enlightening experience a few weeks ago.  Every year my company has a week where employees around the world volunteer […]

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