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Are you a job-seeker looking for a suitable job in your preferred field? View various tips and job opportunities here to help you find the job of your dreams.

The Lie of the Best First Step in the Job Search

My friend Jacqui Barret-Poindexter recently wrote this on Facebook: In #jobsearch, so many of us want to say, ‘this or that’ is the best 1st step in order to conduct a proper search. But really, there is no one best way to initiate your search. Sometimes, it feels counterintuitive to start with the first step, or […]

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What Happens When the Good Times End?

With unemployment at a near-50-year low, it’s hard to believe that recession fears are rising — but they are. In recent months, articles like “Companies Need to Prepare for the Next Downturn” and “You Never Know When a Recession Will Sneak Up on You” have appeared. Economic forecasters surveyed by the Wall Street Journal in May …

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Another Tactic To Quantify Your Cultural Fit and Soft Skills

Yesterday I wrote How To Quantify Your Cultural Fit And Soft Skills. I shared a simple tactic that is just one piece of the puzzle to help people understand that you have certain soft, hard to measure skills. Another way to quantify your soft skills and how well you might fit into my company or […]

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How To Quantify Your Cultural Fit And Soft Skills

I was recently chatting with a few people about the reality of quantifying how good you are at soft skills, professional development, and how you could somehow show you would be a good team and cultural fit. Pluralsight has solved this problem for technical skills. They have what is called Skill IQ, which allows you […]

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The Two Things You Need To Prove In The Job Interview Process

I’ve been interviewing job candidates since almost the beginning of my career. And, I’ve been in my fair share of interviews. I’ve come to realize that there really isn’t anything secretive about the process… sometimes they feel wonky, or weird. But there are just two things that you need to somehow get across in the […]

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Age Discrimination in the Workplace: Three Myths About Older Workers, Debunked

Americans now enjoy longer, healthier lives, and a growing number continue working long past traditional retirement age. Workers 65 and older are projected to have the fastest growth in the labor force by 2026; those 55 and older filled almost half of new jobs in 2018.

Working longer brings benefits from income to social engagement. However, age discrimination is a …

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My Life Is Impostor Syndrome

Last year I worked for about nine months at BambooHR. For the first three months solid I experienced full-on impostor syndrome. This was weird because I thought I was pretty hot stuff (an abundance of self-confidence is a theme in my life), but I found myself questioning what I was doing there, why I was […]

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Indeed and Goodwill: Helping Both Sides of Hiring

The mission of global nonprofit Goodwill Industries International is to help people find jobs, change their lives and improve their communities. This so closely aligns with Indeed’s mission —  helping people find jobs — that the two organizations have just announced a strategic collaboration. Indeed has committed to helping 1 million job seekers around the world find employment by …

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How To Really Help a Job Seeker

Do you know someone who is looking for a job? Have you recently asked someone “how is your job search going?” When I was a job seeker I was the only job seeker in my circles of influence. The only one in my neighborhood and my church and my friend group. People knew I was […]

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Techorama in Belgium #SoftSkills

Two years ago I was in Antwerpen, Belgium, speaking at Techorama. I couldn’t go last year because of my job, but this year I’m back!  I miss my travel buddies, and I’m not staying 4.5 weeks this time, but I am staying long enough to hopefully acclimate to the time change. I was once in […]

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