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Amazing Resume Creator Review

Create the Best Resume You've Ever had Quickly & Easily with Amazing Resume Creator

The perfect solution to getting resumes that actually get you hired!

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Amazing Resume Creator

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Resume Creator




This review is for Amazing Resume Creator.  It is a highly effective product for creating resumes that are effective and help get you interviewed faster.


The value of a good resume when seeking new employment cannot be emphasized enough. An amazing resume could spell the difference between being successful at getting an interview for the job that you want or not. Your resume is a reflection of who you are, your experience and what you can do. It is your foot in the door and acts as your representative before you arrive for the interview. 

In addition, never underestimate the importance of a cover letter which should tell your potential employer exactly how you think you can add value to the organization. These two documents are the most important tools you need in order to be granted an opportunity to apply for a position.

Simple and Easy to Use!

Many people struggle to come up with a personal resume that truly reflects who they are as a valuable person and employee. Finding a job is hard enough and without a good, eye-catching resume that highlights your qualifications and experience, it can be even harder to make yourself heard.

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Hiring the help of a professional to write your resume for you is an option, however, it can be expensive. The alternative is to learn as much as you can and the internet is the best place to find all the information you need to create a professional resume.

The Amazing Resume Creator Review

On the internet, you will find a program called Amazing Resume Creator. If you watch the 35-minute presentation you will find out how amazing this program really is and you may be pleasantly surprised. While the Amazing Revenue Creator will not magically create a resume for you, it will help make creating your personal resume a lot easier. Although the website claims that you can have a resume written within 10 minutes, if you want a quality, effective resume, it will be to your advantage to spend a few additional minutes producing a very high-quality resume.

Jimmy Sweeney, the creator or Amazing Resume Creator, is a direct response marketer, professional copywriter and is the owner of CareerJimmy, the parent company. Jimmy Sweeney promises to apply proven trade secrets and tons of insight in order to help you create an amazing resume that any human resource manager would take note of.

Benefits Of The Amazing Resume Creator Review

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People use resume creators for different reasons. Therefore the benefits would vary for the diffrent people using it. 

However, here are the generic benefits of the amazing resume creator that would apply to anyone using it. I have listed them below:

  • It recommends the appropriate contents as well as the length of a good resume. Human Resource personnel do not have time to read through long renditions but rather look for concise, factual information that is clear and to the point. A resume that is too long may reduce your chances of making the list of interviewees chosen for a first interview.
  • The program shows how to use proper formatting techniques which is something most people are unaware of.
  • Build as many resumes as you like and create as many variations as you like with the program software.
  • There is a section on how to write the perfect cover letter that contains all the relevant information and tailored to the position that you are applying for.
  • Amazing Resume Creator also offers advice on how to conduct yourself in order to have a successful interview and how to negotiate for your desired salary.
  • The program offers free lifetime product updates in case there are improvements.
  • Risk-free 60 day money back guarantee – just drop the company an email if you are not happy with the results, stating that you would like a refund.
  • Free downloadable bonus e-book gifts with your purchase.
  • The BBB (Better Business Bureau) has awarded the parent company an A-Rating.

How Does the Amazing Resume Creator Work?

Once you have purchased the software you can download the program, open the application and follow the simple onscreen instructions. First, select from the options available, the type of resume you would like to create.

A template will appear on the screen which you can use to tailor your resume to your personal requirements.

The program is designed to automatically interface with MS Word which makes it easy to make changes and tweak the product until the end result is achieved.

Create your cover letter by following the guidelines and you are all set to make an amazing impression on your potential new employer.

“Amazing Resume Creator will help you create an amazing resume and cover letter in no time at all, guaranteeing you a successful job application in your chosen field.”


If you are finally tired of submitting job applications that yield no results or invitations to interviews, try the Amazing Resume Creator. You will wish you knew about it sooner. It is a good product created by a brand name in the industry. We highly recommend it. Here is a highlight of the pros and cons of the product.


The Good Stuff:
  • Create career specific resumes
  • Create resumes that can get you interviews and get you hired faster
  • Create resume variations quickly and easily for new roles you wish to apply for
The Bad Stuff:
  • There is a small cost to the software.

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Start Creating Resumes That Get You Hired Now

Leave your competition in the dust by making it easy for employers to find your resume and call you for interviews quickly and easily by getting amazing resume creator now. We highly recommend it. 

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