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Will It Take a Trump to Finally Fix Gender Pay Gap?

On a recent 60 Minutes episode, Ivanka Trump told reporter Lesley Stahl that:

“Wage equality, childcare. These are things that are very important for me.”

money-1.jpgWell, a new national survey on the disparity between women’s and men’s pay and opportunities for advancement may add fuel to her passion.

PayScale, a salary and benefits data company, today released its Gender Pay Gap report and the news shouldn’t come as a surprise, at least not to those who try to bypass fake news that’s long made claims no pay gap exists.

Women still make less than men “regardless of job type or worker seniority”; and women are less likely than men to be in management position, with the difference growing the higher level the job and career tenure.

  • When looking at the uncontrolled gap — or “raw”—gender pay gap, which looks at a median salary for all men and women regardless of job type or worker seniority — it is true that the median salary for men is roughly 24 percent higher than the median salary for women.
  • The more stubborn gap is one of opportunity rather than “equal pay for equal work.” When we compare men and women who hold the same jobs, the median salaries are significantly closer and the pay gap becomes less substantial. But even then, there is a gap: the controlled gender pay gap.

This isn’t just a small sampling. PayScale reviewed surveys from about 1.8 million employees between Oct. 2014 and Oct. 2016.

The evidence has been evident for many years, but not enough as been done to turn the tide.

ivanka.jpegAs Ivanka Trump said at the Republican convention, “politicians talk about wage equality” but little has change.

It’s unclear what role Ivanka will play in the new administration, but during the convention speech, she made a promise we should all hope President-elect Trump will keep. “My father will fight for equal pay for equal work and I will fight for this too right along side of him,” she said.

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