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Video: Purpose and Human Connection in the Hiring Process

Recruiting is built on human connections. In fact, when we asked registrants for this year’s Indeed Interactive for their views on its significance, 96% of them responded that building relationships with candidates is vital.

Purpose and human connection play important roles in every single stage of the hiring process from researching and exploring options to applying and interviewing for a job.

In this video, Indeed SVP Paul D’Arcy speaks about why this matters so much and explores what recruiters can do to establish genuine connections with job candidates.

Why human connections matter

How recruiters approach hiring is a direct reflection on their company and job candidates are paying attention. Although people may initially be motivated by how closely a job description matches their individual skills and qualifications, once they have applied for a job, that’s when the expectations of human connection begins.

For example, 55% of people have a positive experience when interviewers show an active interest and are familiar with the candidate’s background.

Meanwhile, 66% are more likely to have a positive experience if employees make them feel comfortable when they interact with them, providing the candidate with a sense of community in the workplace.

After all, job interviews are nerve-wracking to begin with, and if a job seeker leaves the interview feeling at ease, that can mean major points for the employer.

Watch the full video for more insights into how recruiters can factor purpose and human connection into the hiring process.

Survey data from Decipher/FocusVision surveys conducted on behalf of Indeed, 2017.

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