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Ask the Coach #7: LinkedIn Privacy Expectations?

This question is from the client of one of our coaches… Perry Newman asked me to share it amongst the group to see what everyone thought. Perry’s client, Grant, asks: My question for you was about LinkedIn and the “letting recruiters knows your open” feature. Does this put anything on your profile for your connections […]

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Indeed Everywhere: How to Leverage Social Media in Your Job Hunt

Looking for a job? Then you should know that employers are looking at you, too—or, at least 92% of them are, according to a survey on the role of social media in hiring today.

In fact—as Bryan Chaney, Indeed’s director of employer brand recently told The Street—it’s pretty much recruiting 101 these days: “One of the first things a hiring …

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Personalization Creates Engagement – Friday Distraction

Every employee wants to feel they're special. They want some control over their careers. Kronos shows us there is engagement, and effort, in personalization.

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How Many Elephants Have You Eaten?

I started JibberJobber almost twelve years ago to help people organize a job search and do follow-up better. Today I spent time working on the Log Entry redesign (for the umpteenth time)… the process of redesigning this includes a written document, images, and in this case, a ten minute video.   Here’s an image I put […]

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The best personality type game I’ve ever played

Last week I announced that I’m discounting my coaching sessions from $350 to $150. I have never discounted sessions in the ten years that I’ve been coaching, but I decided to do it because I need to stick to a sleeping schedule and I thought if I schedule coaching calls to wake up and go...

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Report: Ageism in the Tech Industry

In many cultures, elders are held in high regard as a source of wisdom.

In the world of tech, it often seems—not so much.

These days, you don’t have to look far to find news stories about lawsuits, age bias, declining salaries after a certain age or other takes on this persistent problem. What was once tech’s “elephant in the …

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A New Employee Benefit: Social Justice PTO

Could Social Justice PTO be the new recruiting and retention benefit? It was discussed at the Globoforce WorkHuman conference and it's paid time off for a cause.

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3 Ways To Become a More Modern Leader: Culture, Technology, Innovation

If you continue to get met with resistance from leadership stuck in the past, ask questions to learn what they think could be better with their ways and give examples of how new approaches "fix" those.

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Introducing Indeed Academy: Unlock the Full Potential of Indeed’s Hiring Platform

If you’re a recruiter, your typical day is jam-packed with pressing tasks. From managing data in your ATS to chasing down hiring managers (and everything in between) there’s a lot to do, a lot to track and a lot of tools you could be using. And on top of all that, there are never enough hours in the day to …

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Are Mom Skills Transferable? From Mom To Employee…

My friend Nick Corcodilos has an excellent post titled Mom wants a new career, where he counsels a woman who spent a lot of time raising seven kids, and now is two years in the workforce and looking for something bigger. Go read it now: Mom wants a new career. The comments on this one […]

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