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Happy Birthday, Canada! Here’s Why Indeed is Proud to Help Canadians Get Jobs

O Canada — happy birthday! This July 1st is a very special Canada Day as it marks the 150th anniversary of the Constitution Act of 1867, which united the colonies of Canada (Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into one country.

Since then, Canada has developed into a modern nation that regularly features on global lists of the …

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Timing Matters In the Job Search

By Andrew Flowers and Daniel Culbertson

Timing matters in business, in sports, in politics—and no less so in the hiring process. In today’s tight labor market, employers face stiff competition for talent, so it’s important that job postings reach the widest possible audience. Posting a job at the right time just might improve your chances of making a great hire. …

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5 Key Components of Any Successful Performance Management Process

performance management, performance, review, performance review, employee engagement

Regardless of your opinion of the annual performance review, organizations still need to have a performance management process. Performance management is a way to provide feedback, accountability, and documentation for performance outcomes. Even organizations that are “ditching” the annual review aren’t abandoning accountability, feedback, and documentation. So, it’s important for organizations to create a process […]

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My son was accepted to Juilliard!

This is my son on registration day at Juilliard. We are so excited. But not surprised. That’s what happens when you work this hard. You are not surprised. I am told it’s rare for a kid to get into Juilliard on the first try. Kids audition for three, four, five years before they get in....

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Recruiters: Do You Know the Quality of Your Web Traffic?

web traffic, traffic, recruiters, recruiting, bots, human resources, HR Bartender

One of the most interesting conversations that took place during this year’s TAtech Spring Congress was about web traffic. According to a report by software company DeviceAtlas, almost half of all web traffic (48 percent) is now generated by bots (aka web robots) and crawlers. Bots and crawlers are software that’s designed to visit your […]

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The Workweek: A Round-Up of Labor Market Links for the Week Ending 6/23/17

Welcome back to The Workweek, the Indeed Hiring Lab’s round-up of the latest research, news, and perspectives that made us think deeply or differently about the labor market this week. It’s your guide to the most important new insights about work.

Here are our picks for this week:

Amazon goes full brick and mortar

Amazon’s $13.4 purchase of Whole Foods …

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All Freelancers Are Not the Same [infographic] – Friday Distraction

Freelancers, LinkedIn, freelance, gig economy, infographic

We’ve talked often on this blog about the need for organizations to consider contingent workers in their staffing strategy. The contingent workforce includes on-call, temporary, freelancers, consultants, and contractors (just to name a few). But even within these titles, there are differences. Take freelancers for example. If you Google the definition of freelancer, it says […]

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JibberJobber Lowest Price Announcement

A few weeks ago, while hiking somewhere in Europe, I had a realization: It was time to consolidate our offerings and lower the total price. Today we have finished the work to make that easy for you to do just that. You can simply click the Upgrade or Pricing links from the bottom of any […]

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Tomorrow’s Talent Today: Five Reasons to Hire Recent Graduates

We’ve all been there: the dilemma of needing experience for an entry-level job. Post-graduation, this can be a problem for young people in search of their first professional role. When even “starter jobs” require some degree of experience, the question often arises: Just where do you get it?

Well, what if more companies focused on the benefits of hiring new …

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Everything #HR Needs to Know About Boolean Search

boolean search, recruiting, sourcing, job candidates, search operators

A few weeks ago, I attended the SHRM Talent Management Conference and TAtech Spring Congress. Both events are very heavily focused on talent acquisition, which isn’t a surprise given all of the media attention on “full employment”. But it made me realize that there are some fundamental tools human resources professionals might not have focused […]

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