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Preparing for the Pink Slip (and some history)

Years ago I spoke a lot… at least twice a month I was on the road. When I spoke I’d want to go to as many job clubs as I could. The record was, I think, 13 job club presentations in 3 days in the Minneapolis area. I was exhausted, as was my voice.

I created a business card that, on the one side, said “pink slip.” on the other side was a link to JibberJobber.com/pink. The page went through a few versions, and we finally settled on what you see there. This needs another UI update, but my top 10 tips remain solid.

Want to know what I tell people when they get a pink slip? Check it out:

pink slip business card

At the very top it says “Congrats, you got a pink slip!”

This was in jest, because the only people who went here were people who were at my presentation. But, when a friend tells me they got laid off, my wife and I will tell them congrats. Because in many cases, your life changes in a big way. And great things can happen.

Read more at my pink slip page!

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