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JibberJobber News and Updated

So many things on my mind… today I want to share what we are working on. You should expect to this stuff roll out over the next few weeks.

One developer has been working on updating all of the calendar widgets in JibberJobber.  He’s streamlining them to all use the same calendar, and the same code, but there are enough places where we have to touch and test this a lot.  The result should be a sleeker interface that is faster.  Faster is always good.

Speaking of faster, he has updated the Log Entry form so that is is also sleeker and FASTER.  While in there he identified a few other enhancements he will make, but the first one you’ll notice is the speed of the Log Entry input.

Notice similarities between the two projects? Make things look better AND make things faster.  We’re not stopping on those… there are more similiar enhancements to come.

Other projects our dev team is working on:

Fixing some issues with recurring action items… reported from a user in Singapore (thanks Amit!).

Cleaning up the upgrade page and process and making it more intuitive, and showing the value of the upgrade.

Creating a purchase history so you can see your past billing, and even get receipts of all purchases.

I have been working on… something I’ll tell you about tomorrow :)

We have a bunch of work orders that we’ll work on in the next few months that should have an impact on your experience… making things more simple, more streamlined, faster, etc.



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