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Indeed Interactive: More Tips from Insiders

In a matter of days, talent professionals from around the United States will descend on Austin to attend Indeed Interactive for three days packed with data-driven insights, inspiration and networking opportunities. From the moment Senior Director of Field Marketing Kevin Walker kicks things off to when Indeed CEO Hisayuki “Deko” Idekoba delivers the closing session, attendees will have a wealth of opportunities to explore this year’s theme, “The Human Side of Hiring.”

If you’re joining us, please take some time to investigate the full list of sessions, or check out a few of the blogs we’ve written covering the excellent guest speakers who’ll be joining us. And of course, Indeed’s own experts will be on hand to share their insights. On Tuesday we provided a few insider tips about what will be happening on the main stage and in the breakout sessions — now here are some more to sink your teeth into!

(And here’s some good news: registration is still open, so sign up today and don’t miss out.)

Nayna Ahmed

What’s your role?

As Senior Manager of Design, I direct and execute creative for Indeed Interactive globally and ensure every visual detail is authentic to the brand.

What are you looking forward to seeing on the main stage?

Connecting Inspiration and Action by Indeed’s SVP of Human Resources Paul Wolfe will be really interesting. How has technology changed the work of the recruiter? How will its impact continue to be felt? These are big questions and I’m excited to see what Paul has to say. Because he’s speaking on Tuesday afternoon, he’s going to take the opportunity to look back over some of the key data and insights shared by our speakers over the course of Interactive. But it’s not just going to be a retrospective — he’s going to get practical and talk about how HR professionals can apply these insights in their daily work.

Can you recommend a breakout session?

Bianca Rehmer and Jacqueline Dewald will be talking about Empathy for Business Success: Spark Connections, Win Talent and Propel Your Business. They will explore what empathy means and what it means in a workplace setting. They also have some really interesting statistics to share, showing how companies that rank highly in the Global Empathy Index do much better when it comes to the bottom line. So empathy isn’t just about being “nice” — it’s good for business, too. I think that’s really fascinating and I’m excited to take a deeper dive into the topic.

How about a tip for first time visitors to Austin?

Things can get pretty hectic here, so why not take a walk through our greenbelt to de-stress and chill? Then there’s Mozart’s for coffee and lakeside treats. Or why not take a self-guided street art tour?

Sindhu Keepudi

What’s your role?

I managed production of the Indeed Hiring Lab’s new research report, Targeting Today’s Job Seeker, which will be available at Interactive.

What are you looking forward to seeing on the main stage?

Inside Look: See How Indeed’s Sales Team Strives to Make You Successful by our SVP of Sales Nolan Farris is one to watch. Nolan will be talking with Director of Field Marketing Kevin Walker about all the ways Indeed’s sales team works to help recruiters hit — or exceed — their targets. They’ll look at how Indeed’s technology can be used to address different hiring challenges, but Nolan will also be giving the inside scoop on how our own sales team has managed its rapid growth over the last year. Expect a spontaneous, lively and off-the-cuff discussion!

Can you recommend a breakout session?

Here’s a really practical one delivered by one of our expert recruiters: Kerri Mills is manager of Global Executive Recruiting at Indeed and also holds the title of 2015 SourceCon Grandmaster. In Using Personalization To Uncover The Human Behind The Resume she’s going to share some practical advice from her own experience on how to capture the attention of those hard-get candidates. Kerri will be talking about the dos and don’ts of personalization and how you can use it to make an instant connection with top talent.

How about a tip for first time visitors to Austin?

I would recommend visiting the South Congress area. There are lots of shopping opportunities — for instance, you can pick up a pair of cowboy boots at Allen’s Boots. I also like Uncommon Objects, which as its name suggests, has great potential for souvenirs and quirky items to take back with you. Finally, if you want a photo by Austin’s famous “I love you so much” wall, head over to Jo’s Coffee and ask a friendly local to snag a picture of you.

Bill Venteicher

What’s your role?

I am a Product Marketing Manager at Indeed and I will be spending my time at Interactive in the Indeed Works product space, talking to attendees about Company Pages and Indeed Targeted Ads.

What are you looking forward to seeing on the main stage?

On Tuesday, Indeed’s Chief Economist Jed Kolko is delivering a really interesting talk entitled The Human Side of Work: The Good, the Bad, and the Machines. Jed’s going to talk about some of the latest theories in behavioral economics. This field of study combines psychology with economics to get to grips with why humans do the things they do, and especially the more “irrational” side of our behavior. He’ll look at the good and the bad sides of human decision-making when it comes to hiring and the ways in which machines can help us — but also how they may be hurting us. Expect lots of thought-provoking research delivered in an  engaging way.

Can you recommend a breakout session?

Online reviews are a fact of life these days. There is no hiding place, whether you’re a restaurant or a place of work. I mean, if you’re going to check out the reviews of where you’re going to eat breakfast, then you’re definitely going to check out what people have to say about your potential workplace. In Boost Your Employer Brand with Indeed, Indeed Evangelist Jeff McCarthy will be talking about all the ways you can use Indeed to build your online reputation and make this new reality work for you, even before candidates have applied for your jobs.

How about a tip for first time visitors to Austin?

Downtown Austin has some of the most incredible barbecue in the country.  Most people have heard of Franklin Barbecue and their pitmaster Aaron Franklin who won the James Beard award, but if you want to try their amazing brisket, you have to get in line early for their 11am opening — even the likes of Kanye West and Anthony Bourdain didn’t get to cut in line when they went.

And if you haven’t signed up yet, then like we said at the top — there’s still time. Register today to secure your place among the hiring visionaries and thought leaders attending Indeed Interactive. Got questions? Contact interactive@indeed.com today to learn more!

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