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Indeed Interactive: An Insider’s Guide

In less than a week, Indeed Interactive will kick off in Austin, Texas. This year’s theme is “The Human Side of Hiring” and we’re going to take  a close look at the psychological and emotional aspects of recruitment in an increasingly tech-centric world.

Over two days we’ll explore how recruiters can combine empathy with data to guide effective — and humanizing — hiring strategies. In previous blogs we highlighted some of the stellar guest speakers who’ll be joining us. But many experts from inside Indeed will also be sharing their insights on the main stage and in breakout sessions.

The full list of sessions is available here. But to get you started, we asked some of the people working behind the scenes here at Indeed for a few tips. This is part one — join us on Thursday for part two!

Elisabeth Tone

What’s your role?

As a Content Marketing Manager focusing on Indeed’s event content, I help our speakers craft stories and share insights with employers at Interactive.

What are you looking forward to seeing on the main stage?

Our SVP of Marketing, Paul D’Arcy, is going to take a look at some of the challenges posed to employers and workers alike by the “rise of the robots.” In The Human Side of Hiring he will explore why it’s so important to maintain those vital human connections at work and provide insight into how to do it. Paul always has lots of cool facts and figures at his fingertips and he weaves them together in fascinating ways.

Can you recommend a breakout session?

I think Tara Sinclair’s take on labor market data in The Economics of Hiring will be really interesting. Very few people can make economic analysis accessible (at least to me!), but Tara has a real passion for the subject and she’s a great communicator. She and Paul Wolfe, our SVP of Human Resources, will be taking a look at some of the latest research from the Indeed Hiring Lab and exploring how to apply these insights in practice.

How about a tip for first time visitors to Austin?

Political junkies might want to visit The Lyndon B. Johnson Library on the University of Texas at Austin campus — not only does it feature a ton of great information about a dramatic period in our history, it also has perhaps the world’s only animatronic, joke-telling robot president. And after all that learnin’, why not try The White Horse honky tonk on the east side for some two-steppin’?

Kerri Ratcliffe

What’s your role?

As  the Senior Event Manager at Indeed, I manage all our Interactive events worldwide.

What are you looking forward to seeing on the main stage?

I’ve been at Indeed for three years and we’ve grown a lot in that time. So I’m interested in Chris Hyams’ presentation The Orange Chair: What’s Best for the Job Seeker? Chris goes further back than me at Indeed, to the days when we were just a search engine. Back then, the job seeker was always represented in our meetings by an orange chair. This was to remind us to always put the job seeker first. Chris is going to talk about how we’re carrying that core principle forward as we develop new products and services — and why what’s best for the job seeker is also what’s best for employers.

Can you recommend a breakout session?

Lindagrace De la Cruz’s presentation “Yes, and…” Using Improv to Foster Powerful Connections with Candidates offers a unique approach to some of the challenges recruiters face. She’s a member of the Screen Actors Guild and a trained improv teacher, so she’s going to explore how improv techniques can be applied to the recruiting process, to make it more personal, meaningful and productive.

How about a tip for first time visitors to Austin?

Bats! Around 1.5 million bats live under the bridge on South Congress. Each night they fly off in search of insects to eat and it’s a pretty amazing sight to see.

Lauren Davis

What’s your role?

I’m the onsite Content Manager at Interactive.

What are you looking forward to on the main stage?

In Solving Hiring Challenges with Indeed, our SVP of Product, Raj Mukherjee, is going to share  an inside look at all the cool and interesting products we’re developing and how they fit into the hiring cycle. We have a lot of innovative products, so it’ll be really helpful to see real life examples of how Company Pages, Targeted Ads, Resume and Prime can connect job seekers to employers.

Can you recommend a breakout session?

I think Olga Kazakova’s session on Mapping the Emotional Peaks and Valleys of the Hiring Journey will  be really interesting. Olga leads the Indeed Experience team and she’ll be sharing some of the research they’ve done on what a job hunt looks like from “the other side,” and how you can use that information to humanize the hiring experience. Olga has an infectious enthusiasm for everything she does, so I know  it’ll be fun and informative!

How about a tip for first time visitors to Austin?

If you’re a runner then I’d suggest getting up early and going for a run around Lady Bird Lake. Close by there’s Rainey Street, which is a neighborhood of historic houses that have been converted into bars and restaurants. I recommend them both.

And if you haven’t signed up yet, then don’t worry — there’s still time. Register today to secure your place among the hiring visionaries and thought leaders attending Indeed Interactive. Got questions? Contact interactive@indeed.com today to learn more!

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