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If You Are Very Frustrated At Work…

After I landed my dream job, and the dust settled, a little before my boss quit (which would be the demise of my dream job), I was having various frustrations at work.

I was frustrated that my voice wasn’t heard, regarding improvements or ideas.

I was frustrated that the hierarchy at the organization, which felt overly fabricated, was limiting my (and others’) ability to make more of a difference (even though it was a “flat” organization)

I was frustrated at the amount of red tape, office politics, and positioning for power, and how that took so much time and energy, taking away from getting work done.

I was frustrated at other things, but you get the point.

What I’ve learned is that those frustrations are probably very normal for someone in my situation, going from an entrepreneurial environment to a corporate bureaucracy.

My dream job had zero security. I just had to live with, and get used to, those frustrations. I could see myself slipping into a corporate role where production was not as important as politicking and “playing the game.” The problem is that was not satisfying for me. The paycheck was (almost) satisfying, and the benefits were cool, but those pulled against my integrity, and that was the most frustrating thing.

If you find yourself in a place where you are very frustrated at work, my advice is this: figure out some side hustles. Figure out how to make money doing other things. I’m not saying you will leave your job, but the power you get from having other income is amazing.

These side hustles can be your creative and work outlets. You can build them to be real income-replacing businesses, but even just having some extra money come in, and having something that you are 100% in control of, can be just what you need to release some of that frustration.

I dare you. Give it a try.


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