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Everyone Should Be Part Of Your Recruiting Team

I was recently at a conference where a senior vice president of human resources said, “The war for talent is child’s play. Candidates are coming to interviews with 8 or 9 job offers and asking, ‘What are you prepared to offer?’”

Now I must admit, that might not happen in every geographic region or in every industry. But we all know that there are companies with some real recruiting challenges. Some are so serious that companies will let high performers basically write their own offer letters.


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I’m all for candidates being able to negotiate a great offer. But for organizations, there is a fine line between negotiations and feeling you don’t have a choice. Organizations want to hire the best talent. They don’t want to feel that they must hire someone because they can’t find anyone else. Frankly, candidates shouldn’t want to be hired under that set of circumstances either. Candidates should want the offer because they were the best. Not because they were the only one.

To help organizations get more candidates in the talent pipeline, I believe that companies need to get employees involved in the recruiting process. Encourage them to share job openings with their networks. Thank them for sending candidates your way, even if the candidate wasn’t selected.

At this year’s Great Place to Work Conference, I heard several CEOs speak. From large companies, too – PwC, AT&T, Marriott, etc. Every single one of them at some point in their presentation said something like this:

If your company doesn’t pay fair…

If they don’t train employees and invest in your professional development…

If your manager doesn’t respect your work/life balance…

call me. We want to hire you. Our vice president of talent acquisition is here.

That’s right. In a conference focused on creating great places to work, CEOs were broadcasting their recruiting messages. That reinforces the SVP of HR’s comment at the beginning of this post. War for talent? Ha! We’re dealing with something more crucial. And everyone is involved in helping hire the best talent. Even the CEO.

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