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Employees: What To Do When Placed On Suspension -Ask #HR Bartender

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When an employee is placed on suspension pending investigation, the passing time can seem to take forever. It makes sense for HR to keep employees up-to-date on what’s happening. At least, that’s what this reader wants to know…

Hi. l work in housekeeping and was suspended by HR because the chef said that l threatened him. There was no witness to confirm his allegation. Ten days after my suspension, the union was at the hotel to hear both sides of the story. My concern is that, since l’m bipolar, the hotel knows that after a month l am out of the system and l will not be able to get my medication. If the case they are alleging is hearsay, why is it taking so long?

Dear reader: I honestly wish I had a clear definitive answer. I’m not making excuses, but investigations do take time. How much time depends on the situation and what the organization starts to uncover as they interview employees, etc. In the past, I’ve published some articles about accommodations, investigations, and suspensions that might be helpful.

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I’d like to extend a HUGE thanks to the attorneys who help me answer these types of questions. They certainly don’t have to. They have full-time jobs and always say “yes” as a way to help the profession.

I know it might be tough to empathize with someone on suspension if you’ve never been suspended. But that doesn’t mean we can’t empathize with someone who is waiting to hear whether or not they have a job. Because we’ve all been there. While conducting an investigation or placing an employee on suspension is never fun, we owe it to employees to conduct a thorough investigation in a timely fashion.

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