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An interesting way to divide things is into commitment and not commitment.

So many people say they want to “change the world” but everyone they point to as a world-changer is someone who was extremely committed to their cause.

Commitment is a lot of pain (see Seth Godin’s book, The Dip) and it means giving up a lot as well.

I am interested in putting people who stay in a long-term marriage in the same category as people who revolutionize their industry because both types of people exhibit big commitment.

Then we are simply talking about commitment vs not being so hard-core. So training for the Olympic swimming, fulltime parenting: same type of commitment because you give up everything else.

Part-time parenting, weekend swim class, constandncareer changes, these are forms of non-commitment. I’m not saying its bad. Just these are two different ways to choose to live, and we should be honest about what we are doing.

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