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Are you a job-seeker looking for a suitable job in your preferred field? View various tips and job opportunities here to help you find the job of your dreams.

JibberJobber Job Comparison Tool

Years ago I conceptualized a tool that would allow us to compare job offers or opportunities, side-by-side.  This week we released what I’ll call version 0.9. That is, it’s almost ready to be version 1 of awesome – we already have a list of features for version 2).  To get an early look at this, […]

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Want a Good Laugh? Read This….

I got this Ask The Headhunter post in my email this morning: Employee quits, boss wants her to refund employment agency fee Oh. My. Gosh. At first I thought this was a joke. But Nick is serious about his advice… this isn’t a joke. This is one of the reasons why finding and keeping a […]

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Finding Eggs, Finding Jobs

One of the things that has happened since I started working, 92 days ag0 (yes, I’m counting!), is that I’m not available to help around the house and yard like I was.  One of the things I shared with the kids was checking on the chickens… do they have food and water, and how many […]

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A Guide to In-Person Job Interviews

In-person interviews come in many shapes and sizes, from the classic one-on-one to the increasingly common group interview. Each in-person interview requires you to show off your skills as a prospective employee, but you may want to prepare a bit differently depending on the type. Tips for One-on-One Interviews One-on-one interviews are often the second ...

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Use Social Media to Find a Job

General Social Media Advice Make sure your social media accounts (all of them!) are professional, employer-friendly, and clean – essentially, present your best self! Your real name goes a long way. Avoid using nicknames/slang, or names that make it difficult for employers to find you. Make your name consistent across all platforms. Picture perfect! If ...

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What to Do When Your Job Interview Isn’t In Person

So you’ve landed a job interview with a great company – awesome! But then you learn you won’t actually be required to go into the office and that the employer would like to talk to you by phone or video. Don’t panic: video and phone interviews are becoming an increasingly common first step in the ...

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Mary Tyler Moore Show and Workplace Discrimination

If you haven’t seen it, take the time to watch the first episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show which aired in 1970. Lou Grant asks Mary about her age, religion and marital status in a job interview. It’s unclear how much has changed in the workplace since then when you look at discrimination [...]

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Do Single Women Play Down Ambitions to Get Hitched?

It’s a theory that’s been around as long as women have been in the workplace: Gals are looking for husbands not careers. But are they just playing down their career ambitions because they think men won’t be interested in them otherwise? New research from three economics professors, including ones from Harvard, Princeton and the University of [...]

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MLK Had a Dream: Cut Everyone a Check

What if every citizen got the same paycheck monthly no matter what their job or whether they had any job at all? The idea of a universal basic income, or UBI, has been getting a bit of attention recently following Finland’s decision to test out a limited version of the concept. This from a recent CNN Money [...]

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Checking the “I have a disability” box

Many hailed the December unemployment rate released last week, which remained below 5%. But, the numbers are still pretty bad for one group of employees: those with disabilities. While the jobless rate in December for people with a disability declined to 9% from 10.3% in the same month last year, it’s still nearly double the rate for [...]

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