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Are you a job-seeker looking for a suitable job in your preferred field? View various tips and job opportunities here to help you find the job of your dreams.

How much does it cost to buy something for $100?

Continuing the annual theme of income streams… today let’s talk about spending money. Let’s say you want to buy something for $100. How much money do you have to earn in order to buy it? $100? Assuming you have taxes, you would have to earn more than $100 to be able to buy something for […]

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2019 Job Search Advice From The Experts

Hannah Morgan asked a bunch of career professionals for 2019 job search and career advice. I’m in there somewhere, with my #1 piece of advice from doing this for 13 years.  Go check it out:

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Preparing for the Pink Slip (and some history)

Years ago I spoke a lot… at least twice a month I was on the road. When I spoke I’d want to go to as many job clubs as I could. The record was, I think, 13 job club presentations in 3 days in the Minneapolis area. I was exhausted, as was my voice. I […]

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Losing Your Job Feels Like a Barn Fire Destroyed Everything

Granted, I’ve never owned a barn. Nor have I ever harvested hay. So I’m not sure what losing it all to a barn fire feels like. But I can imagine. I posted this November 2nd: I can imagine the work and investment it took to plant and cultivate 150 tons of hay. The hope and […]

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Weird Job Titles 2018: The Year in Review

In recent years, some employers have used weird and wonderful job titles to liven up their online listings or to communicate a company culture.

Weird job titles are especially popular at an executive level, judging by the Chief Troublemakers, Directors of Fun and Paranoid in Chiefs of this world. However, you can find them at all levels of the workforce. …

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Silicon Valley: Trends in Hiring 2018

Technology is always changing, and so is the business of technology. From the latest innovations to the unicorn of the moment, it can be hard to keep pace with all the fluctuations and transformations.

One thing does not change, however: Tech is an important and growing employment sector, adding 1.5 million jobs since 2010. In fact, tech accounts for …

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New Orientation Guide for New JibberJobber Users

One of the things I learned at my last company was the power and importance of helping new users get up and running. In industry this is called “on-boarding” (which sounds a lot better than off-boarding, right?). I recently created a short, easy-to-use guide that will help you on-board yourself quickly with the most important […]

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Top-Rated Workplaces: Culture

Culture — everybody talks about it, but how do you get it? And what does it look like? Culture can be one of the most defining aspects of a company, and great culture happens when company values are supported by behaviors, systems and practices.

What that means is it’s not enough to just say what company values are — …

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Epic News: My Next Pluralsight Course is Live (How to Have Difficult Conversations)

For the last three years my time spent on Pluralsight courses was winded down significantly. I went from creating about twelve courses in a year (which was no easy task) to zero… I found that stopping that revenue stream left a significant void in my schedule and my income… which is one reason why I […]

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Starting a Business: Crazy or Inspired?

I was reading about a local (Utah) company that has seen some great success. The part that hooked me in was the struggles the owner and his family went through.  The last line of the last comment (as of right now) says:  Starting a business is a gamble, and well over half don’t work out, […]

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