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Are you a job-seeker looking for a suitable job in your preferred field? View various tips and job opportunities here to help you find the job of your dreams.

Tales from a Tight Labor Market: Why the Tech Skills Gap Is Smaller than You Think, Fastest Growing Job Searches and More

The world of work is a complex and rapidly changing place, but the right data accurately interpreted can help us all understand what’s going on. Knowledge is power, and informed decision making is the most powerful of all.

Here at Indeed we are fortunate to have the Indeed Hiring Lab, a dedicated global team of researchers helping us make …

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Gaming Industry Spotlight 2019: New Opportunities in a Booming Industry

With billions of dollars flowing into the video game industry, gaming is no longer just for kids — it’s poised to be the next generation of entertainment. Due to the market’s astonishing growth, streaming giant Netflix now sees gaming as a bigger competitor than the original video titan, HBO.

But what does all this growth mean for …

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The Myth Of Overnight Success

Story 1 When I wrote my first blog post for JibberJobber, back in 2006, my thought was “I’m a super writer. Number one, in the bag.” A few years later, after writing almost every day, I went back to that first post to see what it was about, and what my style was. I was […]

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Who Do I Contact In A Job Search?

My friend Mark asked this question: In laying out my job search strategy, I’m trying to devise lists of people I need to reach out to for coffee and informational interviews. So far, I’ve built a list of former prospects and clients from my last sales job. Would you have any other suggested sources you […]

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“How Does JibberJobber Help Me Find A Job?”

Leo asked this question: How does JibberJobber help me find a job? I’ve been thinking about this since he asked… my first thought goes to what I’ve heard over the years, which is slightly reworded but I have heard it a lot: How does JibberJobber FIND A JOB FOR ME? It doesn’t. Nothing does. YOU […]

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You’ve Been Ghosted! Now What?

It finally happened: You met your dream candidate for that open position. From the first call, you felt a connection. After the interview, everyone agreed they were a perfect fit. You couldn’t wait to make it official and offer them the job. But then, out of nowhere, they stopped responding to your calls and emails. Did you misread the signals? …

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Recruiters Are Not A Waste Of Time (but)

Recruiters are NOT a waste of time. But, having a job search strategy that relies on recruiters is, for almost everyone, a waste of time. Quote me on that. #ShortestBlogPostYet  

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JibberJobber: The Case To Import Or Not

Recently I’ve had a few people ask me how to delete a batch import (you can do it from here). That is, they imported a batch of contacts from LinkedIn or Gmail Contacts, and then found they had a bunch of garbage in JibberJobber, and wanted to delete all of the contacts from that import […]

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Laid-off: I’m Sorry or Congratulations!

For years my wife and I would say that when someone tells us that they are getting laid off we say “congratulations!” This is because this transition could be wonderful things for you. It could mean that you are leaving an environment that you’ve outgrown, that you are positioning yourself for something great to come. […]

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JibberJobber Contacts Detail Page: Copy Email Address

For a while the little icon next to an email address wasn’t working right. We swapped it out with a new process… instead of right clicking the old icon, now you just click on the copy icon and it will copy the email address (and name) to your clipboard. Super simple, but just a bug […]

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