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Are you a job-seeker looking for a suitable job in your preferred field? View various tips and job opportunities here to help you find the job of your dreams.

Welcome Glassdoor Readers: Ultimate Cheatsheet for Organizing Your Job Search

Today we got a bunch of new signups on JibberJobber… they came because Glassdoor emailed out yesterday’s blog post titled The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Organizing Your Job Search. Thanks to Catherine Burns for the mention at the end end of her post. For anyone new to JibberJobber, let me suggest you watch the 80 […]

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What Do Employers Really Think About Coding Bootcamps?

Today, technological innovation impacts every industry, creating massive demand for employees with tech skills. But good candidates are notoriously hard to find, and universities just aren’t producing enough STEM grads.

Enter coding bootcamps: An alternative education model that offers a new way to satisfy the tech talent shortage. Does the rapid rise of these fast track, high impact courses …

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What is the Best City for Job Seekers?

What’s the best city in the US for job seekers?

It’s a difficult question to answer. After all, every job seeker is unique: For some, there’s no place like home, while for others the grass may always be greener elsewhere. That said, there are several key considerations most of us would agree are important, and today more data than ever …

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Associations in JibberJobber Just Got Easier

In JibberJobber we have “associations.” You can associate, or connect, a Contact to a Company. Doesn’t that make sense? As you network into a target company, you will talk to people… so you have a person (or a contact) that is tied to the company. In JibberJobber you can associate multiple Contacts and Jobs to […]

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JibberJobber Flyer for Coaches, Job Clubs, Your Friends, etc.

Want to share JibberJobber with others? I made this flyer a year ago to share with job clubs… if you go to a job club, take some. If you are a coach, have them handy.  Feel free to share these with anyone who is in transition who could use help staying organized and with their […]

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LinkedIn Open Candidates: Letting Recruiters Know You Are Available

My friend at a top eMBA program asked if I recommend turning on the Open Candidates section of LinkedIn, for job seekers. Haven’t heard of Open Candidates?  That’s okay, I haven’t talked to anyone who has.  The blog post in October 2016 is titled: Now you Can Privately Signal to Recruiters You’re Open to New […]

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What Is Your Center? #7Habits #StephenCovey

Stephen Covey talks about what your center is, which is a super profound concept. He asks if your center is your family, your marriage, your job, your church, your status, your job, etc. And then, he goes on to ask, what will happen if/when you lose those things? Imagine someone who’s family is their absolute […]

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Ten Dick Bolles Facts

These are ten things I found to be interesting about Dick Bolles: Dick Bolles was really, really tall. I am about six foot tall and he seemed to tower over me. Maybe he was my height, but he seemed to be a giant of a man. However, he was so kind and gentle that I […]

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The End of a Legacy: Dick Bolles

Dick Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute, passed away on Friday, March 31, 2017. He had just celebrated his 90th birthday. I saw Dick Bolles present at a few conferences, but didn’t talk to him. He was always talking to someone else, and I wanted more than a handshake and a smile. My […]

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Five Purposes of Resume

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Master Resume Writer, wrote a great post titled I disagree with career experts who claim the resume has just one purpose. I have heard, and have probably written about, the one purpose for a resume: to get you into an interview.  But Jacqui’s post brings up some great points.  She says the five […]

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