Thursday , June 29 2017
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Are you a job-seeker looking for a suitable job in your preferred field? View various tips and job opportunities here to help you find the job of your dreams.

Happy Birthday, Canada! Here’s Why Indeed is Proud to Help Canadians Get Jobs

O Canada — happy birthday! This July 1st is a very special Canada Day as it marks the 150th anniversary of the Constitution Act of 1867, which united the colonies of Canada (Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into one country.

Since then, Canada has developed into a modern nation that regularly features on global lists of the …

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JibberJobber Lowest Price Announcement

A few weeks ago, while hiking somewhere in Europe, I had a realization: It was time to consolidate our offerings and lower the total price. Today we have finished the work to make that easy for you to do just that. You can simply click the Upgrade or Pricing links from the bottom of any […]

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Tomorrow’s Talent Today: Five Reasons to Hire Recent Graduates

We’ve all been there: the dilemma of needing experience for an entry-level job. Post-graduation, this can be a problem for young people in search of their first professional role. When even “starter jobs” require some degree of experience, the question often arises: Just where do you get it?

Well, what if more companies focused on the benefits of hiring new …

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Google Jobs: Is The Job Search Going to Change AGAIN?

I started my last job search in January of 2006. That was eleven years ago. I heard “boy, the job search sure has changed over the last few years!” I didn’t know what changes those were… I just knew that you looked for a job online, probably applied online, and somehow hopefully landed a great […]

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Navigating the Job Search is Like Driving in Spain

Imagine this: you are in a rental car in Spain. It’s stick shift, of course, which you haven’t driven in over twenty years. You set out to drive at least an hour. So you get in your rental car ready to hit the road… they said that most of the street signs are similar enough […]

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The Da Vinci Resume (Live, from Roma)

Well, I was in Rome until yesterday… now I’m in Barcelona to finish out my European holiday!  Last week we went to the Da Vinci Museum, which was really quite awesome.  One of the first things to see was this huge poster thing talking about Da Vinci’s resume. I have seen this before, I probably […]

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Your Next Economic Crash (aka, Recession)

Did you see the interview with Jim Rodgers about the pending recession? Bigger than anything any of us have ever experienced? I saw it last week and meant to blog about it… but was trying to figure out how to do it without being a “star is falling” guy. It’s worth the few minutes to […]

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Branding and Stereotypes

Wow, it’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged anything here! I’ve been in Europe for the last two weeks (and blogging about it at  I spoke in Belgium at a huge IT conference, speaking about personal branding.  While there, I saw this online: By now I’ve been to two of those countries (UK […]

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Report: Indeed Delivers 65% of Hires and 72% of Interviews from Job Sites

Finding the right job is about more than picking a career and making some money. It has a huge impact on our individual happiness and family lives. And for businesses, placing the right candidates in the right roles can mean the difference between success and failure.

In short, job search and recruitment are just too important to get wrong. So …

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Welcome Glassdoor Readers: Ultimate Cheatsheet for Organizing Your Job Search

Today we got a bunch of new signups on JibberJobber… they came because Glassdoor emailed out yesterday’s blog post titled The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Organizing Your Job Search. Thanks to Catherine Burns for the mention at the end end of her post. For anyone new to JibberJobber, let me suggest you watch the 80 […]

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