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Are you stuck in a dead end career or are you trying to grow in your career? If so this is the place for you. View our secret tips to find the perfect career and grow fast within it.

Female Botox Apologists Hurt Teenage Girls & Society

Women who want to empower teenage girls tell them not to focus on their looks because the world will see their inner beauty. But for some reason, lots of smart women don’t practice what they preach when it comes to themselves or their girlfriends. “Come back and see me when you’re 50.” That was the response from the [...]

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Get paid to play video games

Get paid to play video games Are you curious about video gaming jobs? Well am here to tell you that becoming a video game tester that get paid to play video games could be harder than you think unless you’ve got certain perspective/knowledge about the industry. Obviously, if you’re searching …

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Top Tips Concerning Your College Experience

It’s not easy to adapt to school or changing careers at 30 or any age even high school for that matter. It’s a brand new environment with new individuals. Occasionally fitting in isn’t easy. That is an excellent article to read if this seems like you. Here are certain tips …

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Great Ideas About College From The Experts

High school is over and you’re about to graduate. One of the first things you need to do is to pick out which college you want to attend. Not all colleges are created equal and the choice you make could have an affect on the education you receive. Keep reading …

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6 Travel Tips for Your International Internship From a Responsible Parent

I am a mother of a 19-year-old, who wants to travel abroad to be engaged in an international internship. I think it’s a great idea for students to intern abroad to shape their careers and gain real life, hands-on experience. However, if they have never travelled alone, their parents, like me, likely have a concern [...]

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Cuba: A new horizon for co-op placements and internships

It has now been announced that at least two Florida ferry companies will now be permitted to offer service from Florida to Cuba. This is yet another step closer to a day when Americans will be able to travel freely to Cuba. For now, there are restrictions, but Americans wishing to travel to Cuba for [...]

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Do your co-op placement abroad – 5 ways it will set you apart

In business, everyone is after a competitive advantage. When recruiting, all companies, no matter the industry, are looking for people who can help give them that edge. Ask yourself how you are different from the hundreds or thousands who will be competing against you for the best jobs in your industry. If you are honest [...]

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How to choose the right post-secondary school

Statistics show that most students who drop out of University, do so in their first year. In fact, most drop out in their first semester. What is the number one reason? Grades. How is it possible that students who achieve an 80-90% average in high school, find themselves struggling with a C-average in their first [...]

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An international internship experience, or how Judit’s career took flight

There is a famous quote by St. Augustine that has inspired thousands of people to travel the world and experience something they never had before. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page.” Most people travel abroad for enrichment, relaxation or business. However, for a student starting off [...]

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5 reasons why an international internship is a great career move

Interning abroad has come a long way from being a great experience, but nothing more. Today, it’s a smart and strategic way to get a competitive edge in your chosen career field. Yet, an internship abroad still seems to mostly attract the really creative, forward thinkers. Those who dare to go out on a limb [...]

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