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Are you stuck in a dead end career or are you trying to grow in your career? If so this is the place for you. View our secret tips to find the perfect career and grow fast within it.

The 4 Most Important Interview Skills

Looking for a job can be one of the most stressful, and…

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I am so sick of my advice

In the Mailbag section of my site I answered a question from a woman who is worried about becoming financially dependent on her spouse if she doesn’t work.If you’ve been reading my writing for even a short amount of time, you already know what I told her: All people who have children are dependent on their...

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5 Considerations for Negotiating Additional Time Off

Every once in a while, a life event occurs that necessitates taking…

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5 Questions Baby Boomers Should Ask Themselves When Switching Careers

Chances are, either voluntarily or involuntarily, you’ll make a major change in…

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My son was accepted to Juilliard!

This is my son on registration day at Juilliard. We are so excited. But not surprised. That’s what happens when you work this hard. You are not surprised. I am told it’s rare for a kid to get into Juilliard on the first try. Kids audition for three, four, five years before they get in....

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My startup is imploding. I mean pivoting.

Last week my older son took the SAT subject test for biology. He was supposed to take the AP test for biology but I didn’t realize that you have to start registering a homeschooler for AP tests around the time a NYC parent would start registering their child for preschool: in the womb. So after...

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What it’s like to audition at Juilliard. When you’re 11.

The first round of auditions for Juilliard’s pre-college program is by video. From December to March my son practiced for three hours a day to prepare. At the end of March we recorded him playing Cello Concerto in A minor by Saint-Saëns, and we sent it off to Juilliard. The results of the first round came quickly. He...

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Commencement speeches are garbage. College graduation is terrifying.

The platitudes of graduation speeches are so damaging. It sets you up for some magical moment when you enter adulthood and the world of opportunity opens up to you. But actually the world does not open up after college. Either it opened up to you the day you were born to very rich parents, or you will...

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Get outside input to identify your patterns

The only way I can write this is to tell myself I won’t publish it. I don’t even know how to write it. I know it’s convoluted because the only person who could understand it on the first try is the criminal lawyer. When I moved to Pennsylvania with the kids last November the Farmer gave me a bill...

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Our happiness depends on the stories we tell ourselves

If you are a person who loves your garden, people send you pictures of your garden. It’s a way of saying thank you for making a nice place to enjoy. But since I am dense when it comes to social skills, I used to think people were stupid for sending me pictures of my own...

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