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Bookmark This! #HurricaneHarvey Resources for HR and Business

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Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath continues to devastate Texas and Louisiana. As an HR pro who has been through hurricanes, I empathize with the people in the area. You’re trying to take care of your family. And you’re trying to take care of your “work” family. So, I wanted to put together a list of resources that might help. (Oh, and on an unrelated note, I have some news about HR Bartender that I’d like to share.)

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) offers several weather disaster resources including information about how to communicate with employees and overtime pay, leaves of absence and timekeeping.

Jonathan Segal, partner at Duane Morris LLP, has helped us maneuver through some tricky reader questions. He wrote an article for “Houston Employers: Wage & Hour Guidance and Hurricane Harvey”.

The lawfirm of Fisher Phillips posted an article on their Wage and Hour Laws Blog about “FLSA Questions After Hurricane Harvey”. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a complex law. Hurricane Harvey will raise questions you’ve probably never thought of before.

But legal issues aren’t the only issue that HR will face. Employees face some very real challenges in the months to come. They will need help and want to help others.

Suzanne Lucas (aka Evil HR Lady) shares “9 Ways Your Business Can Help Hurricane Harvey’s Houston Victims”. It’s a good reminder that some forms of assistance are better than others.

In “Human Resources, Houston, and Harvey”, Laurie Ruettimann challenges business leaders to get creative with their business strategies. It’s a win for everyone.

And it’s sad to say, but times like this also bring out scams. I’m not here to tell anyone when or how much to give. If you can help, I hope you will. Just make sure the organization is legit.

South Floridians still reflect each year on the anniversary Hurricane Andrew, which happened in August of 1992. In fact, they’ve dropped the hurricane part and it’s just Andrew. Everyone knows. It doesn’t need to be spoken. Harvey will be remembered for a very long time. I know anything we can do to help will be very appreciated.

Oh, and P.S. I mentioned at the beginning of the post that I had some news about HR Bartender too. It’s time for a little update. Actually, it’s long overdue. But we’ve been working on a new design and look forward to sharing it with you next week. Just a heads up, the site might be a little wonky over the weekend as we launch the new look.

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