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I am a Human Resource Professional with a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. I have several years of experience in Human Resources and i hope this blog will be a great resource in helping you find the perfect job or candidate that you seek.

Take Your Pick: How to Break a Tie Between Two Top-Tier Candidates

Here’s a nice problem to have: You’re trying to fill a job, and you’ve interviewed two top candidates. Both appear to be a good fit, so it’s a dead heat. It’s nice knowing you’ll end up with a great hire, but how do you pick the winner?

Looking at your candidates from multiple angles and putting their abilities to the …

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HR Careers for Legal Professionals – Ask #HR Bartender

HR careers can align well for legal professionals. Attorney Carrie Cherveny has worked in both arena and shares her focus areas for students.

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Two New Pluralsight Courses Added to the Tracker

The last two courses I did were just added to the Pluralsight Tracker in JibberJobber. These were the courses I did after over a two year break. The first How to Have Difficult Conversations, which I was inspired to do because of my work at BambooHR. This was a big theme at that company, and […]

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It’s the Little Things: To Build a Great Employer Brand, Start Small

Lots of people think of employer brand as something “big.” They think that it requires huge budgets and that it is something expressed in Super Bowl commercials, at big showpiece conferences or with cool recruiting swag.

But not everybody can afford to do that. And I would argue that employer brand becomes truly powerful when you see it, touch it …

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Job Search Book Recommendations from Rob Joseph

I love JibberJobber users. They are smart, and collectively have an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. In a recent email conversation I had with Rob Joseph, a senior commercial manager in Cleveland, Ohio, he wrote this: Some additional feedback: Up until now, my favorite job search books have been Don’t Send A Resume […]

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FREE Learning Opportunity: Kronos Spring #HR and #Payroll eSymposium

Kronos offers a free eSymposium for HR and payroll professionals. This professional development deals with both strategy and compliance.

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Hacking Pluralsight to Learn More, Faster

Pluralsight is a superb library of thousands of in-depth technical training courses designed for programmers, IT professionals, and anyone in the tech space. I have over 30 soft skill and professional development courses in Pluralsight. Watching any of my courses qualifies you to get free JibberJobber upgrades. I can get you a 30 day pass […]

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Spring into a Less-Stressed Workplace

Anxiety, back pain, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, weight gain or loss. It may sound like a pharmaceutical ad, but it’s actually a list of common symptoms associated with stress: uncomfortable when experienced on their own and potentially dangerous taken together.

April is Stress Awareness Month, and the truth is that stress is almost impossible to avoid these days. We live fast-paced …

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Change Management: A 3 Step Model

The change management process is a regular part of business. Kurt Lewin developed a 3 step model to help business effectively manage change.

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Tales from a Tight Labor Market: Why the Tech Skills Gap Is Smaller than You Think, Fastest Growing Job Searches and More

The world of work is a complex and rapidly changing place, but the right data accurately interpreted can help us all understand what’s going on. Knowledge is power, and informed decision making is the most powerful of all.

Here at Indeed we are fortunate to have the Indeed Hiring Lab, a dedicated global team of researchers helping us make …

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