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3 Ways to Stay On Top of #HR Compliance – Friday Distraction

I know human resources compliance issues aren’t the sexiest thing to talk about but, they’re a necessary part of HR. In fact, compliance is a part of any business. Even if a compliance issue decreases, we need to know details so we can stop devoting resources to it. And chances are all compliance won’t be eliminated. The sooner we realize that the goal isn’t to make compliance go away –  it’s to learn the best way to manage it – the better off we will be.

Our friends over at Kronos offer us one way to manage compliance in today’s Time Well Spent.

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All joking aside, there are some things we can do to stay on top of human resources compliance matters in our organization. Thankfully, we don’t have to cite the Federal Register to be knowledgeable about labor law.

  • Attend webinars and conferences. We are so fortunate to have employment and labor law attorneys who are willing to give their time and knowledge. They write books and blog posts, speak at local association meetings and national conferences, …and they help us with reader questions here on HR Bartender. Granted, it’s not the same as paying for an hour of legal time but it helps us understand the big picture and we learn how to ask good questions.

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As HR professionals, we don’t always need to know everything off the top. We do need to know where to find it. And that ought to help anyone breathe easy.

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